Welcome To

West Chester Friends School

from Head of School Brian Fahey

Welcome to the West Chester Friends School homepage and thank you for visiting. I am happy that you found us here and I hope that you are able to learn more about us as you scroll through the different pages. However, I also look forward to having you visit our campus. Aside from taking in our charming and historic buildings, I am certain that you will be captivated by the evidence all around you of joyful learning and by the strength and warmth of our school community.

At WCFS we believe fiercely in the power of relationships. We know that students learn best when they have strong relationships with caring teachers who are fully invested in them. Every day our teachers help children to uncover their strengths and to build on them by taking risks and learning from those experiences. A nurturing and respectful relationship, where encouragement and high expectations are ever present, is the foundation of that process.

We also know that having fully engaged parents is a key to having a vital and supportive community. Our parents ask good questions, seek our guidance, offer their support, join us at meeting for singing and collaborate with us in a myriad of ways to help us grow and sustain our wonderful community.

I witnessed a perfect illustration of the importance of relationships and community a few years ago when I was helping with dismissal at the end of the day. Four young children were standing near each other, getting ready to leave and one of them said, “Let’s all hold hands together.” It was a precious moment and I loved what was left unspoken, that no matter what comes next, it will be made even better by all of us being together. I hope that you will come together with us soon by visiting our school. We can’t wait to have you join our circle of friends


Teacher Brian