A Strong and Joyful Entry into School

Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten at WCFS offer a strong and joyful entry into school. Pre-primary faculty understand the innate curiosity and enthusiasm of young children and teach a curriculum that is both academic and play-based, accommodating the evolving pace and style with which young children learn throughout the year.

Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten students attend library, music, physical education, guidance and technology classes, and enjoy the outdoor classroom, resident hens, raised beds and bird garden. Classroom art, author studies and thematic, interdisciplinary units of study are integral components of the curriculum, as well.

Individual emergent reading and math skills are supported and developed in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. Social growth, too, is fostered as children work together both informally and on structured projects, in the classroom and in the school community. The pre-primary curriculum is a solid foundation for the elementary-level learning to come.