Diversity, Equity and Inclusiom at WCFS


The WCFS Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

West Chester Friends School is committed to ensuring that all members of the school community, including children, families, faculty, staff, and volunteers feel accepted, included, respected, embraced, and valued. We value diversity and respect the unique heritage, experiences and perspectives of all individuals and communities.

West Chester Friends School stands as a Community for Justice, a position  rooted in the historical role of Quakerism in the abolitionist movement, and which frames and shapes our understanding of and response to enduring civic issues. 

We are committed to proactively addressing the persistent civic issues in our history through a renovated curriculum, critical education and literacy practices. We are committed to celebrating, teaching and upholding diversity, equity and inclusion as an intersecting lens for interpreting, understanding and engaging with our nation’s history and each other. 

While acknowledging our  imperfect participation in the movement for social justice,  the WCFS community holds hope in the transformational potential of restorative justice and non-violent resistance.  We look introspectively, retrospectively and prospectively, continually asking ourselves, “Are we living up to our values? What can I do?”