Brian Fahey
Head of School

(610) 696 – 2962
University of Delaware, BS
Joined WCFS in 2014

Karen Iacobucci
Associate Head of School

(610) 696 – 2820
West Chester University, BA
University of Pennsylvania, MSEd
Joined WCFS in 2002

Susan McCardell
Business Manager

(610) 696 – 2615
West Chester University, BS
Joined WCFS in 2017

Barbara Rowe
Director of Admissions

(610) 696 – 2937
Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia, BA
Joined WCFS in 2002

John Scardina
School Psychologist

(610) 696 – 2153
Princeton University, BA;
Harvard University, MEd
Joined WCFS in 1988

Kim Walters
Director of Development

(610) 696- 2839

University of New Hampshire, BS, MPH
West Chester University, MPA

Joined WCFS in 2022




Faculty & Staff

Lauren Anders
Play School

West Chester University, BS
Joined WCFS in 2022

Carmen Armstrong

San Martin de Porres University, BS
Joined WCFS in 2022

Melissa Arthur
Third Grade

Shippensburg University, BA
Joined WCFS in 2022

Nathan Beaver
Fourth Grade

West Chester University, BS
Joined WCFS in 2016

Lesley Bensinger

Millersville University, BS
University of Maryland, MS
Joined WCFS in 2018


Priscilla Dahl

Technology Teacher, IT Coordinator

New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University , BFA
Wayne State University, MLIS
Joined WCFS in 2018

Romana Del Nero

Associate, Kindergarten

The College of Pedagogy
Early Childhood Education
Czech Republic

Joined WCFS in 2021

Amy Domenick
Physical Education, Health and Guidance, Quakerism

West Chester University, BA, MS
Joined WCFS in 2004

Jeff Domenick

Temple University, BA
Joined WCFS in 2012


Toni Fritz

Central Texas University
Joined WCFS in 1994

Sierra Green
Associate, Play School

University of Maryland, BA, MSW
Joined WCFS in 2022

Sally Hall
Classroom Assistant

University of Delaware, BS
Joined WCFS in 2008

Nancy Hiro

Villanova University, BA
Joined WCFS in 2015

Jennifer Johnson
Associate, Play School

Ursinus College, BA
Joined WCFS in 2019

Michelle Lozowski

University of Scranton, BS
Joined WCFS in 1998

Catharine Maloney


Bennington College, BA
Yale School of Art, MA
Teachers College at Columbia University, MA

Joined WCFS in 2015

Karen Martini
Learning Specialist

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, BA
Cabrini College, MA
Joined WCFS in 2011

Regenia McAden

Temple University, BMEd
Joined WCFS in 2008



Nan McGinty
Play School

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, AD
Joined WCFS in 2015

Bonnie McLennan
Fifth Grade

University of Rhode Island, BA
Immaculata College, BS
Joined WCFS in 2002

Annmarie Stigale
First Grade, Admissions Associate

Albright College, BA;
Cabrini College, MEd
Joined WCFS in 1996

Ruth Vecchione

West Chester University, BA
Hollins University, MA
Joined WCFS in 1984

Cameron Venore
Associate, Pre-Kindergarten

College of William and Mary, BA
Mary Baldwin University,, MAT
Joined WCFS in 2022