Our Mission and Vision

An Essential Foundation

For Lifelong Learning

Operating on this site for over 180 years, West Chester Friends School provides early childhood and elementary aged students with the essential foundation they require to become lifelong learners, contributing members of their communities and citizens of the world. West Chester Friends School offers impressive advantages to students because it is small by design, and dedicated exclusively to the education of children in preschool through fifth grade. Each classroom and specialty area teacher is an expert in their field, as well as in the academic and social development of young children. At West Chester Friends School every child is known, their unique intellectual gifts celebrated and fostered.

West Chester Friends School is committed to ensuring that all members of the school community, including children, families, faculty, staff, and volunteers are accepted, included, respected, embraced, and celebrated. We are all unique individuals and bring value to and enrich WCFS through our diversity. Inclusion is everyone’s responsibility.

The West Chester Friends School philosophy is based on the conviction that there is that of God in each individual. We therefore seek God through our daily experiences and through worship together. We stress the importance of self-discipline, community responsibility and outreach, respect for the dignity of all people, and the settling of differences through peaceful means.

Our mission is to build upon the strengths of the School’s tradition and philosophy in order to:

  • meet the needs of our children
  • celebrate those talents that are within each of our students
  • develop the whole child through a comprehensive educational program