STEM Studies

Hands-On Exploration

Toward Concrete Understanding

The West Chester Friends science and technology programs provide STEM-based, hands-on exploration that prepares students for ever-evolving biological, environmental and technological studies. Students use the campus pond and National Wildlife Association certified bird garden to observe and record their natural surroundings and develop a sense of environmental responsibility.

The annual Science and Invention Fair showcases an amazing array of student work, and the Environmental Symposium gathers fourth graders from area Friends schools to share data and compare notes on semester-long projects. Students use Chromebooks, smart boards and I-pads for technology work that is age-appropriate and in support of science and other classroom work. Guidelines for etiquette and safety are a focus in the tech lab.

Research, experiments, gardening and field trips are integrated components of the science curriculum and foster a concrete understanding of scientific concepts and principles that serve students both in later schooling and their daily lives.